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From the studio of Neil Long

Radio Jackie Breakfast Show Host

Re: Being on the radio and creating your dream

Dear Friend,

Creating a career in radio was one of the most exciting decisions I ever made- will it be yours?

So where exactly do I begin?

Do you have a long held dream in your heart to be on the radio, but haven't a clue how to do it?

Or do you have that nagging voice in your head saying... I'm not good enough!

Or have you ever had a dream of running your own station online?

Are you frustrated?

I understand.

When I started no one was there to tell me which way to go, how to get noticed, what kind of showreel or tape to make, or who to approach. Frankly it was frightening, I felt like David, and the people already there were the Goliaths.

And there was not a catapult in sight.

Now, there is.....

It's all possible by the way....and its not as hard as you may have been told...

My name is Neil Long by the way...

For a limited time, I am offering an e-book choc full of tips, tricks, and interviews with people already in the radio game.

  • How to make your first demo tape, who to send it to, and how to get noticed

  • How to create compelling, entertaining, relevant and funny radio

  • How to get noticed in the marketplace

  • The different styles of speaking on air, and when to use them

  • Resources for opportunities and jobs in the UK and USA market

  • How to get your timing spot on- how to think in 60's not 100's

  • An interview with the former host of London's Capital Gold Breakfast Show, Mick Brown- you can hear "from the horses mouth" how he did it.

Neil helped me to record my demo a few weeks ago, the outcome was absolutely brilliant, no messing around.

This man knows exactly what he is doing! From a simple script, he really brought it to life, and it had a real life feel.

Neil is extremely professional, and made me feel very comfortable and confident in what I was doing. I recommend anyone who needs advice or needs to record a top quality demo to go to Neil. With all his experience and knowledge, he will do you a cracking service.

Kate Mccabe Radio presenter, DJ and comedienne.

So how much would this be worth to you? £200? £100?

How about tips and tricks from names that if you listen to any radio will more than likely be familiar.

Martin Collins Capital Radio, Virgin

Paul Phear Capital Radio, Magic 105.4

Neil Long! Capital Radio, Radio Jackie

Jono Coleman Virgin, Heart 106.2

Mick Brown Capital Radio, Capital Gold (full 20 minute interview with Mick)

These are established and respected names in the industry, if you don't believe me, google them!

How about also a chapter written by a professional comedian thrown in??

And a chapter on Podcasting as well...

Rob James is a DJ, here's what he had to say...

Neil, you're a star, thanks for everything. If you want a professional demo, produced with expert knowledge of the radio industy and what PC's are looking for (Program Controllers), there is only one person to contact,Neil Long.

My dreams have come true, what are you waiting for?

Rob landed his dream job soon after working with Neil

Rob James Radio DJ

And as a bonus, some funny stories from this crazy industry.. you'll love it.....

This is an unusual e-book.

Because in true radio style, you can listen to it as well as read it, including a bunch of great interviews with experts you get to download and listen to at your leisure.

When you download it, you will understand why so many are excited about a career in radio.

You will love this compelling read.

So how much would you pay for this?

$197 perhaps- would that be a fair price to get access to these teachings that will allow you to create audio that sounds this good? The good news is, I am not asking for anywhere near that.

And... as a fast action bonus, if you grab this fantastic offer today, I will throw in a bonus worth $197 absolutely FREE!

"The Podcasters Bible", How to Create, Monetise and Market your own podcast, without breaking the bank. Have a listen to the audio below for a demo.

The Podcasters Bible is worth $197

Yes Neil, I would love to claim a free gift worth $197!

One payment of $39.97 gets you the downloadable book, and the $197 bonus.

It's Easy To Order..You get an immediate download, even if it is 2 in the morning.


PS...One thing you will learn when you download this book is that you have to make fast decisions when you are in radio, and the decision to grab this great offer could be one of your most important ones to date.